I will accept MP for revised duals. I generally am trading Modern and Standard card for Commander, since that's all I play anymore. thanks everyone for the trades!!!
Recips available for duals, DM me.

Paying 1k pp for any foil Shadowborn Apostle in MP+ condition
Also changing my Rats over to a25 and paying 600ea.
30 Foil Rats Progess : 16 down!!
30 Foil Shadowborn Apostle: 3 down!!!

Progress on set of Filter Expeditions:
Cascade Bluffs
Fetid Heath
Flooded Grove via promo Mage 6958
Fire-Lit Thicket
Graven Cairns
Mystic Gate
Rugged Prairie
Sunken Ruins
Twilight Mire
Wooded Bastion - via promo! MES - Active Trader!

Dual Land Progress Finished!!!!
Badlands. -trade with Wenzel
Bayou. -non puca
Savannah -trade with Hast1687
Tropical Island. -non puca
Tundra. -non puca
Volcanic Island. -trade with Froggy