Hey there! When in doubt, shoot me a message! I am super laid back and willing to work with you on any issues or questions.

I am not one of these stuck up NM only traders. Message me and we can work something out on most cards and while I don't offer bonuses I will often accept SP at NM prices.

I hate to say this but PLEASE send me the correct edition of a card. Not interested in foreign legends. Do not send me Chronicles (white borders) and be sure of the edition for Alpha, Beta/Unlimited stuff! English only!

I try and ship within the 48 hr window but I lead a busy professional life and am not always right on top of that. If it's an issue let me know and I will get your cards out asap.

Over 10,000 cards sent
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Though I'm no longer on the Puca Discord server, you can still reach me by direct message if you need me.