Hello everyone!

L2 Judge from the Bay Area. Been playing and judging Magic since 2011.

Preferred NM but will do SP at full value for
1) non-foil
2) Value less than $5
3) Communicated in advance
If not sure, please message me.

----Sending YOU cards----
I will check out your want list if you send me cards. I will try to return favor if I have anything on your want list.

Want to buy your booster box!
Will pay booster box PP value + 1000PP each to cover your shipping fee.
Will pay other sealed product PP value + 500PP each to cover your shipping fee.
Message me for price quote.

----I WANT Stamps----
Will buy your...
-- domestic forever stamp at 60PP each.
-- International forever stamp at 140PP each.

----BULK and FOIL----
Taking NM...
bulk rare at 15PP
*foil* basic land at 20pp
Mythic at 30PP
Will do bonus at 50 and 100+ bulk rares/Foil basic send to me.
Note: Must have set gold symbol to indicate rarity.
Message me first before sending them.

Completed Trades (as of 8/2/17):
Sent: 3799 (626945points)
Received: 1121 (565346points)