Paying 672 Points for 2 MTGO Tickets.

+40% on Kaladesh Inventions! Paid when received.
+17% BONUS ON Eternal Masters FOILS (Except Commons)
+10% Bonus on standard FOILS

I WILL ACCEPT FACTORY DEFECT EXPEDITIONS. No bonus will be given on factory damaged EXP Lands. Message me before please.

If I do not have the bonus points when I receive your card then I will Buy the Bonus Points to send you so don't worry! :-)

Interested in sealed booster boxes. Message me with what you have and maybe we can work something out. :-)

AS OF 05/06/2016: You have sent 695 cards with a total value of 520,268 PucaPoints and you have received 135 cards from other members with a total value of 479,157 PucaPoints.

For HIGH END cards please make sure they are NM. ESPECIALLY FOILS. Also please make sure Expeditions are NM pack fresh (I WILL accept factory defect expeditions at not bonus).

IF you see a card on my list that you have that is not NM condition please message me and we may be able to work out a price we are both comfortable with.

Steamflogger Boss throw ins are always appreciated. I collect them! :-P

I AM CURRENTLY LOOKING FOR ANY FATE REFORGED RUSSIAN FOILS. Please message me with what you have so we can work something out.

I will accept German, Russian, Japanese, and Korean for any cards on my want list. FRENCH IS ONLY OK FOR FOILS

I have a COMPLETE PLAYSET OF RUSSIAN FATE REFORGED If you are insterested just message me and we can discuss.