I dabble in modern, but I am mostly a commander player, and a cube builder.

I've built an all-promo cube, with a lot of help from Pucatrade, in addition to an all modal cube.

I am only looking for English cards , and am trying to avoid textless promos as well.

I'm trying to build an all Promo card Commander deck, with Feldon of the third path as the commander, in addition I am working on Cheerios for Legacy, Skred Red in Modern, and a bunch of different decks for Vintage Artist Constructed.

So I've got a lot of odd cards on my want list right now, and I want to thank everyone who sends me something to help build this disparate collection of decks!

In addition to decks, I am working on building a full set of every legendary creature, a full set of every planeswalker (which I've actually very close to), and a full set of The Dark, which was one of the first sets I played with so many years ago.

Due to the varied nature of the things I'm working on, the set matters for some cards, and doesn't for others. If you have a card you want to send that's a different version than the one on my wants list, please feel free to message me and ask.