/* Game History */
I have been playing off and on since Urza's Saga.
1) In the beginning, it was Vintage (Type 1), white weenies. Classic Meekstone/Serra Angel lockdown.
2) Commander came next with my high school friends (before it was a 'thing', without the 'commander' damage concept, and draw 2 each turn).
3) In recent memory, I've been active in the game since Gatecrash. As of 01/15 I've sold off my standard staples and have been playing Modern. Thus far, I have constructed Naya Burn and Affinity.

/*General Info */
1) Since language is not my strong suit, I accept cards in English, please!

2) Since these are for playing, I am usually okay with accepting played cards.

3) Versions usually don't matter much to me. I only ask for black bordered cards. Preferably with the modern frame.

On 3/29/16, I have been on PucaTrade exactly ONE year. I have sent 2493 cards valuing 136,826 PucaPoints and received 352 cards valuing 124,737 PucaPoints.
On 3/29/17, I have been on PucaTrade exactly TWO years. I have sent 4578 cards valuing 283,631 PucaPoints and received 712 cards valuing 282,117 PucaPoints.

Thanks for looking and have a great day!