I have been playing since Revised. I am a father of two, so my free time is limited as of late. Until the internet age, most of my decks were downright terrible, but I have always loved interesting card combos and interactions, and great art. As such I have a lot of janky decks.

As someone who played in RTR-Theros standard, Pack Rat has affected me permanently. It may be one of my favorite cards of all time, and as such, I collect them mercilessly.

I played in a time before sleeves and massive card values, so I am not hung up on Mint cards today. I like to play with the cards I have.

Fun fact: I built a Revised complete set in college and sold it on Ebay. Life lesson: you'll do some stupid stuff in your life, but don't beat yourself up too much, at least you are not that guy who sold a Revised set for about $400.

In general I like any foil lands that have amazing art, especially the ones that look great in foil.

I don't believe the naysayers that say Pucatrade is dying: sure, it is hard to get shocks and fetches and the like (it has always been that way though), and they really botched the rollout of Future Site, but this site has a lot of redeemable features that no other site has, especially if you are a Gold member like me. I see it more as trading away the cards I don't need for cards I could use but don't need to buy right away. If I really need a card for a deck, I'll just buy it off TCGPlayer.

I mostly play casual kitchen table with a few friends, with dreams of rocking some GPs in Modern or Legacy. We have shifted lately from 60-card casual to EDH. I play some EDH on MTGO and when I get bored do some drafting, though I am far from successful.

My favorite deck is my Modern Ula's Temple deck, which I foiled out thanks to Pucatrade. It is straight goldfish.

I also love Legacy Manaless Dredge, which I also built mostly thanks to Pucatrade. I love that it is a completely different way to play magic.

Close to my heart is Modern Merfolk, throughout the years known as Fish, because I've always been a fan of straight up beats and the Merfolk community (reddit.com/r/fishmtg) is awesome.

My more normal decks are:

8-rack, B/W Tokens, U/B Mill

12-post, Burn, Illusions/Donate, High Tide

Narset, Prossh, Azami, Horobi, Norin

Coin Flipping, Draco/Explosion, White Weenie, Dragons, Generic Tribal - Snakes/Spiders/Minotaur, Walls, Mono-black Revised

Decks I'm actively building:
Modern Skred Red
Modern Kiki Chord

I like these two since they are big meta-busters. If I had my way I would probably play Kiki Chord, Merfolk, or 8-rack all the time competitively.

Legacy Loam Pox

The closest conversion from 8-rack to Legacy.

Casual Lost in the Woods

I want to troll my friend with a foiled out Lost in the Woods deck. I like to do that with Zombie Hunt and Mono-black Revised (all revised black), as a deck check for him. I also have a revised Mono-black Revised deck that is a similar decklist, with all functional upgrades to the original cards (like Terror->Doom Blade, etc).

I am also currently building 2 foiled out decks that are Castlevania themed duel decks.