+200 points on all Frogmites that I want exactly one of (the foreign, foil, duel decks stuff generally.)

I will trade for alters. If you're an alterist or have alters laying around, let me know what you have and what you're looking for points-wise. This includes things not on my wants list; I have four EDH decks (Grenzo, Hazezon Tamar - Astral Slide, The Gitrog Monster, and Riku), plus the "Desert" Cube with some slight modifications. If you have anything that would fit in any of those, I would love to see and talk about it.

ART MATTERS; all of my stuff is for either my cube or my EDH deck. Make sure you get the right art & set.

Normal rules. NM; SP or worse needs approval (I don't immediately rule it out). Signatures are cool, but it depends on the artist. Please PM me first with a picture of the signature (some artists signatures look awful, but the vast majority I'm fine or usually even excited about).

I will accept less than NM on non-foil stuff, but only with picture, pre-approval, and an appropriately negotiated price beforehand.

If you do throw-ins, I collect Frogmites. I have somewhere over 400 of the little guys. If you have a unique frogmite (foreign or foil or foreign foil) let me know - especially from a dual deck. I'll gladly ship you some PP if I don't have that particular one yet.