BONUSES for non-reciprocal/non-promoted trades paid upon delivery of trades:
cards 50 - 99pp get 5% bonus
cards 100 - 999pp get 10% bonus
cards 1000pp - 2499pp get 20% bonus
cards 2500pp - 4999pp get 50% bonus
cards 5000pp - 9999pp get 100% bonus
cards > 10000pp get 120% bonus

I appreciate every trade I get, but PLEASE grade the cards you are sending out according to Pucatrade's Condition Guide as the bottom of the page. Don't send everything out as NM without even looking at them.

Current/in-progress decks:

Modern: Humans
Legacy: Lands
Legacy: Burn
Legacy: Soldier Stompy
Legacy: Humans
Legacy: Pox
Legacy: Ruby/Bonus Storm
Legacy: Mentor Phoenix
EDH: Zur
EDH: Feldon of the Third Path
EDH: Sliver Hivelord
Pauper: White Weenies
Pauper: Affinity