Hello all! I want to thank everyone who sends me cards, it's greatly appreciated. Puca has been a bit rough lately, but I'm still trying to do my part by sending a lot hoping it will get better.

I'm pretty relaxed about shipping times, so don't worry if it takes you a few days or even a week to get them in the mail. I'm more concerned about condition of the cards, so please just make sure you're sending them in the proper condition. For most of the cards on my list I'm willing to accept played versions as long as they are graded correctly, though there are a few listed as NM/M only and I'm obviously only interested in NM cards for those. Thanks!

I'm primarily a collector and my ultimate goal is to complete older sets. I have an enormous want list, and most of that is ultimately trade fodder for what I really want, which is listed below.

My top wants:

Any Unlimited card on my list in NM condition.
Antiquities Strip Mines, Mishra's Factories, and Candelabra of Tawnos in NM condition.
Diamond Valley and Juzam Djinn in NM condition
Any of the unique APAC, Euro or promo basic lands on my list in NM/M condition.

If you have any of the above cards in NM+ condition that you're willing to trade, please let me know! I'm willing to negotiate price or send some nice stuff back your way to make a deal work. I love older cards in general, and if you have any beautiful, valuable older cards in NM+ condition and you want more points for them than Puca is offering, shoot me a message and lets discuss price!

Sorry for being wordy and thanks for reading my profile if you've made it this far. Happy trading!

I'm also obsessed with Vikings. Everything related to Vikings.