Now that I have some points saved up, I am all for trading. I have a good amount of Legacy, non-power/duals items that I can offer up. You can see the list here.:

It may fluctuate based on trades. Message me if you see anything you want to trade. I am looking for promo cards mostly. Expeditions, Inventions, Judge, FNM, Pro Tour, etc. Basically if you want to offer anything that is not on this list:

Thank you for looking!

I collect Rock Jockeys, The Rack, and Burrowing; any language, any set, foil or non-foil, if you feel like throwing things in!

I am also looking to trade out versions I already have in the promo cube with signed or altered versions. If you want to swap them out because you don't like signed or altered cards, contact me and we can work the deal.

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