Will PROMOTE or BONUS _ANY_/_ALL_ Wants - just ask!

AND, if send me an Unglued "Jack-in-the-Mox" (my namesake) card (MP or better - just want it to lie flat), I'll send you an extra 100 points. Deface the card with a speech bubble and sign or write somthing fun - I collect them in a special binder.

About Me:

I've been playing on and off since Revised, taking a big break around Tenth, sadly missing Zendikar, then returning during RTR. I'm a total Johnny, so you may see me requesting odd combos for deck building - and honestly, I rarely win except with the most crazy combos. In addition to building decks that never win, I collect promos and unusual artwork. If you have an interesting or unusual card, PM me and I'll get back to you.

Contact Me:

PM via PucaTrade, or via #Discord (@JackInTheMox), especially if you would like to setup larger reciprocal trades.

% Bonuses / Postage:

I will promote or offer a bonus for just about any card you want to send me, even if it's a low value card, and I can reimburse for postage to make it worth sending those unusual promo singles. Just ask first, and we can find a good arrangement.

All bonuses given only if cards are *NM*, promo cards especially - for those, I'm putting into a collection. If it's SP or worse, please don't send it without asking first, or I'll have to send it back. If you have any questions, send me a picture or scan. Thanks!!!

Trading notes:

Any random cards you send to me will immediately result in me looking for cards I can send back to you -- I will make reciprocal trades whenever possible.

In addition to singles, I have sealed product, including Buy-a-Box and Standard Showdown, and many sealed booster packs back to RTR to trade. PM me here or find me on Discord.

Also, I'm *selling* STANDARD, MODERN, or LEGACY repacks for PucaPoints (or cash); 250PP, shipping included. All repacks include 16 cards with the same distribution as current packs (C:10; U:3; R:7/8; M:1/8; L:1; F:1/4; T/A:1). For the Rares / Mytyics, I pull from my own collection of Rares, Mythics, Planeswalkers, etc. HOWEVER, just like any other MtG pack, there is ABSOLUTELY NO guarantee that the pack(s) you will get will include any mythics or other high value cards, of course. In the case of foils, some may be Promo (pre-release, gift-box, launch, FNM, etc). Most cards are NM, but the LEGACY sets are more likely to include some SP, but none worse than that.

Thanks for reading. Happy Trading!

Other, oddball, unlistable on PucaTrade, items to _TRADE_ _AWAY_:
# DGM Guild "Tokens" (from pre-release)
1,Dimir, NM
# THS Hero's Path (code unredeemed)
1,The Harvester (2/9), NM
# BNG Hero's Path (code unredeemed)
1,The Warmonger (4d/9), NM
2,The Explorer (5/9), NM
# JOU Hero's Path (code unredeemed)
14,The Champion (9/9), NM