G'day! I'm Nick - trading as old mate Liliana of the Mail since 2014.

I ♥ PucaTrade! I'm a long time trader with over 34,000 cards sent (!!). If there's something on my list and you feel the price is too low, just shoot me a message.

☾ If you're reading this because I'm sending you cards, please message me a link to any other PucaTraders in your area. I'm sure I can find some cards to bundle in for them too.

☼ I have a bunch of Tips and Tricks, Pro Player and Rules cards to trade:

☾ Will ship extra top loaders for 10pp each. Let me know if you need any!

Read some of my articles for the PucaTrade blog here:

☼ Liliana of the Mail AKA Thomas the Jank Engine AKA Master of the Wild Blunt. ☾