Current Projects: Building Solely w Puca's Awesome community!

_Legacy_ (Start 7/2019)
-Bomberman (90% Complete: Primary Needs 2x Mox Opal)

-Eldrazi&Dragon; Stompy (80% Complete: Needs 1x Eye of Ugin, 2x City of Traitor, 2x Grim Monolith, 2x Ulamog)

Depths/Loam Cube (98% Complete: Needs 2x Exploration)

-Jeskai Mentor (Complete)
UW Control (Complete)

_OldSchool_ (NEW 12/2019)
Alpha-40 Mono-Black... literally. (1/40)
93/94 Mono Black? (40/75)

Looking for some damaged, "Ruined", HP and MP - Alpha Cards. Starting with Black, artifacts and lands atm. PM me.

Good bonuses.. If you match anything, pm me and Im sure we can make it happen.

Not super picky in the SP/NM range of sub<5k. (larger point values please take a second look to verify condition and authenticity)

Pay it Forward and Happy Trading!