So, I'm Evin. Im a night owl. I work third shift, usually 9 - 4am (EST) every day besides friday. I should still get the pings if you dm or @ me through discord.
I made an account for a few weeks, months? January ish 2018, but i really started September 9th 2019.
#1 last 30 days ,#5 for the year, #22 all time.

Im collecting the Kaladesh Inventions, and i trade for my EDH decks, but i also trade as a trader. If it bothers you, send to the next person who needs the card. Although I may have needed it myself.

I do alot of dropshipping. (I order cards for people and it goes straight to them) The value of pucapoints as i write this is about 250 to 280. Trading cards back and forth, people tend to use more of the 200-250 range. That you'll hear if you go asking. But when it comes to paying real money, and ordering cards, most people would still rather pay powertraders 250, 260, 270' plus points even if they have the cash available. That's all that means. Anyways, thank you for reading. -Ev

**** I can get you anything off of cardkingdom, I always have credit. The going rates atm are 280 down to 260 points per dollar, depending on how large of a package.