I started playing back in Onslaught and really got into things in Mirrodin. After Kamigama I took a break until Zendikar - bad timing - missing out on Ravnica, Time Spiral, and my favourite block(s) Lorwyn.

I got more invested in acquiring cards during Innistrad and Return to Ravnica. The first time I ever watched professional magic coverage was Stanislav Cifka's second breakfast deck at Pro Tour Return to Ravnica. I haven't missed watching a Pro Tour since, and even went back through their archives.

When I went to Optometry school in America in 2013 I signed up for magic online. I also started regularly consuming magic content primarily from Channel Fireball and a few other Yotube Channels, my favourite content being Commander ( I also keep up on the story and am collecting the novels). With the availability of cards and the ease of events firing I started expanding my horizons on magic online from kitchen table format-less magic to standard, pauper, and modern and now vintage and commander.

Now that I've graduated and returned to my play group I've introduced them to draft and Commander which is where Puca Trade comes in. I had first heard of Puca Trade on Vintage Super League ("wow") and now that I had disassembled my kitchen table decks in order to start building commander decks plus the valuable opens from drafts meant I had some cards to sell. And in my searches you can't get a better rate than on Puca Trade as a seller. My wants will be focused on building my collection in terms of quality and fleshing out my commander decks.

Some more things about me:
My first deck was white blue Avens

My first combo (I'm a johnny) was pantoptic mirror + time stretch (I was 12, now I understand infinite turns isn't fun... and that it's still infinite with time warp :P )

My favourite colours to play are Bant - white, blue, green

My favourite card is Arcanis the Omnipotent