FOR USA/Canada readers:
If sending to Holland is too far away you can always send to 'Goveganplease'. Most traders probably know him :-) But if not, let me know!

I started playing in the Legends era and unfortunately stopped during college :-). A few stops along the way, but I've been back quite some time now and loving it again!

And here on puca is a lot of fun! Thank you all for sending all the cards!!!

Please note that the cards marked as NM with bonus, I really need NM, no visible whitening etc.
Other cards on my want list, message me the state of the card, I'll probably take it, and probably with bonus ;-)

If you have any other questions, PM me!

Oh, and if you have any Korean cards, message with card, condition and price :-) thanks!

Thanks and all the best!

Happy trading!