I have been playing since '94 until 2000. After that time more collecting than playing! Had a stop for a few years, but trying to get back now...

I'm looking for older BB cards and signed cards, if you have any of these, let me know! And my biggest search of all: Alpha and Beta Shivans.. An ongoing sort of OCD ;-) but hoping to get the (combined) collection over the 50! so 20 left...

Any Shivan later than revised is welcome as a throw :-) Same goes for the Dragon Whelp.. Have been collecting them since ever..

Signed cards are very welcome! Especially cards before the Urza's era..

Combined: Signed and Shivan: PM me! Maybe we can work something out.. Same thing goes for Royal Assassin <4th Ed and Sorceress Queen <4th

If you have any questions, PM me!

If sending to Holland is too far away you can always send to 'Goveganplease'. Most traders probably know him :-) But if not, let me know!

Happy trading!