hello! I have been playing and collecting since revised edition. starter decks rule! I play locally as much as I can. Black Red are my go to. Green turns up more often than none. Most all my cards i send are pack fresh, I enjoy opening up packs. I can't use all the cards so please enjoy. Any questions about anything
please message me.

look me up on dicord so we can trade and just chat I'm on there a couple times a week looking for trades.

I am very interested in anything old school.....alpha, beta, unlimited, revised, antiquities, arabian nights, legends and the dark. i will except these in almost any condition just message me and we will work something out.

as far as my wants i am usually flexible as far as the condition if you have something a little less than perfect just ask me before sending.

i always try to send more cards than i receive, but i love receiving :)