please ask before sending non-english cards

I will consider SP if you send me photos.

25% on all cards

Some extras for trade
altered sol ring
altered coalition relic
4 coldsnap brainstorm
several colors of dragon shields (light use 100 packs))

if you have a different version/ edition of a card, message me and we may be able to work it out

You have sent 2967 cards with a total value of 1,099,597 PucaPoints and you have received 565 cards from other members with a total value of 1,127,936 PucaPoints.

as of 05/17/16

if you want to toss in some free cards i would take
Any mana batteries
sorrow's path
demonic attorneys
foil islands (masques,invasion,odyssey,onslaught)

I have some oversized commander cards too
Oversized gislea too

assorted stuff (both have some whitening)
john avon island 7th (foil) black bordered #334
650 points
rob alexander island 7th (foil) black bordered #333 220 points

island 8th edition foil tony szcudlo (237) nm 250 points
island invasion 337 whitening along back on one side 525 points
island onslaught foil 335 99 points
isalnd foil mirrodin #291 99 points

ive got some fbb stuff to
japanese tempest counterspell
chinese tempest counterspell
2 korean 4th energy flux
over 100 korean 4th basic lands. Between 100-225 points each
korena 4th dancing scimitar
Koran 4th animate dead
korean stronghold grave pact
2 korean 4th energy flux
korean 4th stasis
korean 4th armageddon clock
korean 4th dingus egg
korean 4th llaonwar elves 2 between 400-500 points
korean 4th island sanctuary 2
korean 4th will o the wisp
korean 4th nether shadow
italian legends evil eye of orms by gore
fbb minion of the wastes
korean 4th titanias song

korean 4th cockatrice

revised foreign roc of kher ridges
revised foreign rock hydra
italian legends land's edge
sp scorched earth, written on
chinese obliterate, invasion
4th ed korean mishras factory (fbb)
korean 4th channel
korean 4th stasis
french 4th ed mishras factory (white border) ~ 2400 pts
2 italian legends winds of change
1 french 4th ed winds of change
italian legends winds of change
fbb 4th drain power
italian legends tobias andrion
italian legends angelic voices
italian legends life matrix

italain legends kobold drill seargent
italian legends kobold taskmaster
italian legends relic barrier

mm15 miscuts
2 dragonsoul knight
wrap in flames
commune with nature
sylvan bounty

crimped venomspout brackus

Current decks
Mono blue tron

deadguy ale

Casual deck
Suicide black creatures with
Plague sliver, grinning demon, pitiless horde, herald of torment