Please correctly mark the conditions of cards that you send. I take care to ensure that everything I send is in the condition I say it is, and I expect the same of other people. No one likes to pay for things that they didn't ask for. So if you send a card for NM and it isn't actually NM, I'll probably contact you for a partial refund. So save us both the trouble and correctly mark the condition before you send.

Thanks for taking the time to look at my profile! I try to make my want list as accurate as possible, so more than likely I won't want a different version or condition than what is listed, although you can always PM me first to check. I do not want foreign cards, so that answer will always be a 'no'.

Lots of people have random cards they collect, mine are Vortex and Recurring Nightmare.

You have sent 4,083 cards with a total value of 1,541,403 Puca points.