Hi there!

PROTIP: If you really want any version of a card, just edit your wants! You can do that now and it will increase the likelihood that I will be able to send you cards.

I really like the idea of trading on goodwill; that's the main reason I am here. I lurk in the Discord room (ID: pixeldragon) sometimes.

I mostly play Commander (currently building Titania's Dominarian Squirrels, No-Decisions Ruhan and Something with The Lovers of Melitis) and brew (suboptimal but kind of fun) things in Standard. I have built one Modern deck (flying men) through Discord and promotions.

Sometimes, it may take me longer than 48 hours to ship. I will do my best to message you if I am sending you a bunch of cards and expect to take awhile.

As of 5/17/18 I have sent 5,195 (paper) cards worth 661,651 points and received 1127 cards worth 548,900 points.

Finally, if you send me something and feel like being friendly, doodle something cute on a Dinosaur token, like a hat or a speech bubble and throw it in.

If you've read all the way down here, thanks for stopping by and best of luck in your trades.