Hi there!

PROTIP: If you really want any version of a card, just edit your wants! You can do that now and it will increase the likelihood that I will be able to send you cards.

I really like the idea of trading on goodwill; that's the main reason I am here. I lurk in the Discord room (ID: pixeldragon) sometimes.

I mostly play Commander (currently building Traxos Artifact Shenanigans, and Anax' Firebirds) and brew (suboptimal but kind of fun) things in Standard. I have built one Modern deck (Flying Men) through Discord and promotions.

Sometimes, it may take me longer than 48 hours to ship. I will do my best to message you if I am sending you a bunch of cards and expect to take awhile.

As of 2/18/2020 I have sent nearly 7,000 cards worth over 1.15M points and received about 1,100 cards worth about 1M points.

If you've read all the way down here, thanks for stopping by and best of luck in your trades.