Sent a lot of random stuff here at PucaTrade, so feel free to ask if I have anything and I just might have it. Always take pride in recipients being satisfied and that shipments are sent out as fast as possible. Although, I'm slowly branching out into other card games in terms of investing, so feel free to send me a message if you have any questions.

******1.25M+ Puca Points sent in cards thus far w/ less than 2% of trades cancelled******


• NFC Foil Cards: Blast Zones 10k each, Dreadhorde Butcher 2k each, Sorin, Vengeful Bloodlord 6k

• Foreign Foils: Japanese Legion Loyalists 2,500 each, Japanese Double-Signed Copperline Gorges 12k each, Russian Bomat Courier 12k each, Russian Ornithopters 9th/10th 10k each, Russian Signal Pest 7,500 each, Russian Overwhelming Splendor 50k O.B.O.


• Roughly 100 full-art foil basic lands from Zendikar Rising 12k tracked in the US

• Brew-a-Deck 1k: I will work around any theme given and spend at least an hour theory-crafting a custom-decklist to show you with spices and lots of synergies.

MAGIC ONLINE (Digital Cards):

• Foil Basic Lands BFZ, Unhinged, Guru, Modern Horizons, and Theros Beyond Death 25 points each.

• Assorted Modern & Legacy staples feel free to message me for quotes in event tickets. Username: MurmuringTree



• Some 1st edition cards and notable ones include Mikazukinoyaiba TP2 and Dark Necrofear LON 1st Edition among a few others.

• Original Duel Disk Pair (The Early 2000s) 75k tracking included within the US