Hi, I'm Daniel. I played Magic for a few years in the 90's and got back into it in 2010. My primary goal on Pucatrade is to turn cards I'm not using into collector-type items (Masterpieces, Judge Foils, etc) and old cards I need to complete sets. Chat with me on Discord!

I usually send trades valuing over $40 in a bubble mailer with tracking. Lower value trades will be sent in a regular stamped envelope.

Please message me before sending if:

1) You want to send cards that are not English
2) The cards are less than NM and more than 2000PP
3) The cards are from a different set than listed

I will often accept the cards, but I like to know what I'm going to get before it arrives. :)

I collect foil basic lands, so any throw-ins are most appreciated!