CURRENT BONUS: 15%. Sent upon receiving cards.

As of 1/9/18, I am actively sending again, if you send me any cards I'll try my best to send you things back as well..

College student and MTG player since Zendikar - online trader for around the same period of time (I used to trade on MTG Salvation and MOTL frequently). I used to play a lot of casual though, so I have a lot of bulk/other cards from Revised to current.

I have been with Pucatrade for a while, and I've certainly reaped a lot from the site. Although the nature of the site has changed a lot I'm still happy to be a part of it.

Discord is the bomb, I openly invite you to check it out here.

I try my best to send cards of the specified condition that I mark them in. If I have a card that may not meet your expectations I'll always contact you before sending. Mistakes do happen once in a blue moon though, so if you aren't satisfied with something I send you please let me know and we'll fix it together.

1. Will probably be open to other languages (not just the ones mentioned in the wants), just ask me.

If you have Korean copies of EDH playables (especially older cards), regardless if they're on my list or not, let me know and we can work something out for them.

2. I am a player foremost, so I am glad to consider deals for non-NM cards.

3. I do ask for the specified set as listed in my wants only, sorry!

4. I send all my trades in sleeves + toploaders regardless of value and with tracking for trades valued at over $50 in the US, I ask that you do the same thing for me as well. We can discuss tracking for other countries.

Thanks to everybody who's traded with me!

1268 trades sent for a total of 242,738 points.

Biggest Receives:
MP/SP Tundra (Thanks Benjamin Lewis!)
NM Badlands (Thanks kojo!)
MP Taiga (Thanks Stephen Hrobak!)
MP Bayou
3 Grove of the Burnwillows

Biggest Sends:
TMP Wasteland
TMP Earthcraft
NM AQ Hurkyl's Recall