Hi there. I'm a semi-old dude who brews up weird decks across different formats, mostly Modern and 93/94 as well as Old School 95. Occasionally I do Standard as well, though sadly I hardly ever have time to play it.

Currently offering a 25% Bounty on my non-promoted Unlimited, Arabian Nights, Antiquities, Legends, and Beta Wants. Please remind me if you don't get the bounty. Not looking to screw anybody over. Also more than happy to promote something ahead of time if that's the route you want to go rather than a bounty.

Hi, this is long, so please bear with me.

First of all - when I send, I tend to prioritize those that actually have stuff in their profile. If you accept SP, I have far more inventory to send you stuff too, though I have no problem with people who only want NM. If you don't have anything on your profile to the contrary, that's all I will send. I will also obviously try to send as much stuff as possible, though, which is why somebody who accepts SP might be more likely to get modern staples than somebody who offers bounties but only takes NM. Again, no judgment - it's just based on the cards I own. :)

First of all - for old cards, I definitely have to have English only - for Legends I'm often replacing Italian versions, for example. Please also make 100% sure you know you're sending the correct edition. Several different people have sent me Revised, Fourth, and Fifth edition instead of Unlimited now. I get that they can be difficult to tell apart, but that's why you need to make sure you get it right!

I'm not a condition Nazi, so if there's a couple of tiny white dings, that's close enough to NM for me, but please don't send MP cards as NM. I brew a lot, so it's important to be able to trade newer cards at full value to acquire what I want (including through here), though.

On the other side of things, as I already mentioned, I will only send SP cards if you state on your profile that you accept/want them. It does help your chances of me sending you cards since half my collection is SP rather than NM, unfortunately.

***Most fun (to me) cards to receive so far***
Unlimited Savannah
Beta Two-Headed Giant of Foriys
Unlimited Illusionary Mask
Unlimited Word of Command
Unlimited Wheel of Fortune
Legends Nicol Bolas
Beta Northern Paladin
Beta Smoke
Legends Karakas
Unlimited Chaos Orb

122 SENT 33,313 Points
1720 COMPLETED 468,770 Points

Last but not least: I've found people on this site are generally really bloody cool. Thank you for that.