Mainly looking for cards for play; not a collector, so I'm not specific about condition. If you're not sure about condition, just ask; I'll be happy to take a look at what you have & chat about it with you. I do, however, specify the sets I'm interested in. If it's not the same set as I have listed, don't send it.
I will always check want lists of anyone who sends me cards to see if I have anything you're hunting for. It's how I like to add to the community here.

I originally learned to play the game on Ice Age, and have been playing casual and EDH for years. I've found my niche in EDH, both competitive level and casual builds.

Current Decks:
cEDH: Yuriko, high speedster
EDH: Sygg, draw addict
EDH: A good gal won't stay down (Meren)

As of 29 June: I have sent 2,282 cards with a total value of 195,605 PucaPoints and I have received 462 cards from other members with a total value of 183,544 PucaPoints.

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