Hi There!
I'm just a Magic enthusiast with a little too many cards to trade and not enough live magic interaction to get rid of them. Mostly on to help people fill out weird decks and such, if I have the foil and its more points than the stamp I'll send it out. Hoping to turn random stuff people want into random cards I want.
I will accept MP/SP pretty much all the time, within reason. I think its ridiculous to claim to want only m/nm cards from anywhere more than 3 years ago. Its nearly impossible. And all foils eventually curl, (magic admits it) so the older they are, the more likely they're curled.
Just want honest trades and helping people get the cards they want.
English Only Cards please. I also collect original Leviathan cards with the Mark Tedin art from any edition, if you have any spare lying around and wanna throw those into anything you send me it would be awesome.
*a Note about any Knight creature cards you send me: These are for collecting, not playing, so NM condition would be greatly appreciated and the set has to be correct. Thanks!