I love using Pucatrade and have gotten super involved on the Discord app! I will always try and send something back if possible!

I have been a filthy casual player most of my Magic career(Rise of the Eldrazi era Starting) and have recently started getting into the different formats. Currently building up some EDH decks and working on some Modern Brews.

If you have any Cards NM/SP/MP worth 200-1000 Points you want to send out also let me know. I had my collection stolen earlier last year and trying to build my collection base.

If you have something other than the condition I have marked shoot me a message on here or on Discord too see if I want it specifically that or not. Also willing to accept foreign language cards just DM first to make sure it's cool!

Remember Give and Let Give

1154 Completed Cards Sent Totaling to 631,905 Points

1227 Completed Cards Received Totaling to 384,297 Points

As of 7/16/2017