I accept only english NM/M cards.
If You have SP from older editions write to me (if its not very damaged its possible that i will take it).

Card edition is very important to me, so i will take only that from list.

Receip if possible. I send to all countries.

+10% for sealed products
+15% for NM non promoted cards starting from 22.09.2017
+20% for NM (if promoted trade is active i will add missing points up to 20% of basic value) starting from 24.01.2018

Catch me on Discord - Limonka009

I trying to get one copy of each card;D It's hard. You can check my progress at mtg.waw.pl (polish lang) or http://mtgcollectionbuilder.com/collections/15197 or https://deckbox.org/sets/1525270

Like logic puzzles? I can send You polish magazines with mix of logic puzzles for PP (sudoku, kakuro, japanese puzzles, and many more). PM for more info.