NM only , if you haves cards from other editions its fine as long as the value is the same.

About me:
Hi , I've been playing Magic since july 1994 (Just a bit before The Dark came out), and I've been a serious collector since 2001 (first full time job $$$).

I'm a casual maniac, I've currently have more than 100 deck , sleeved and shuffled, ranging from the purely casual Bear tribal deck ( with 4 French Hurricane a bad bear pun.... Ouragan / Ours-a-gants ) to a very solid Kozilek EDH deck. for a few example of my deck you can see them here :

I've never played tournament except Pre-release, and I don't have Standard or Modern competitive decks (FNM maybe but not tier 1)

I really like building deck build around a theme or a specific combo, my latest would be a block only Energy deck and a casual treasure-Thopter deck ( a very clunky UR deck).

My favorite format are casual multiplayer, grand melee , star, totem-magic and commander . Two-headed is ok and Emperor often end up in arule cluster-phoque so I tend to avoid it. Plane chase is way to random and arch enemy require a very specific deck ...

I wish I could play more cube but it to time consuming, that being said I'm in the process of building a conspiracy cube.

I also collect booster wrapper , if you feel generous you can put a few with your trade. My wife makes button out of them,

Happy trading!

p.s english is not my primary language, if you can/want to speak French, you're more than welcome.