Happy trading to all.
Please NM.
Thank you for your trades and your time.

I will match any promotion +10%.
Please throw in a message with any question.
I can answer with possible recips.

owl | PucaID #4512

Active Sender, open to offers.
Collection status cards remaining
10 6th Edition
10 Apocalypse
4 Darksteel
8 Fifth Dawn
19 Invasion
11 Judgment
7 Mercadian Masques
4 Mirrodin
Completed Nemesis
9 Odyssey
14 Planeshift
Completed Prophecy
4 Torment
25 Urza's Destiny
19 Urza's Legacy
11 Urza's Saga
130 Grand Total

Added Tempest starting Aug 2018

Foil Mirrodin Block

130 foils remaining for completing all 3 Mirrodin Darksteel and Fifth Dawn.