I'm a collector of unusual & interesting basic lands, so most of my wants are foils, full-arts, or rarer pieces like APAC, GP, Alpha/Beta, and (one day, hopefully) Guru lands. I also enjoy promos and variant cards like alt-arts. If you have an oddball land knocking around your collection that you think I might be interested in, let me know and we'll work something out!

As a benchmark I'll pay at least 100 points for a foil basic as $1/foil basic is the standard paper rate. I pay +20% above retail price for most lands on my wants list; high-value items like Guru lands & Expeditions are a separate negotiation.

I use many of these lands for draft sets, so I'm not super picky about condition as long as you let me know beforehand.

On my end I'm primarily a Limited player so I have a broad selection of rares, promos, and foils up for trade depending on what I pull. Most have only seen play in 2 - 3 matches, sleeved.

One day, expedition Scalding Tarn...one day.