PSA: I need 4 of the red Elemental tokens from THB, but the genius who uploaded that specific token set the expansion as ELD by mistake. So that's why that token says ELD instead of THB.

Not-so-humble brag: ON 10/8/19 I SENT MY 1,000,000th POINT!

If you want me to promote something higher, just ask. I will most likely do it if i haven't been getting sends at the current promo!!!
HERE'S ALL THE STUFF I'M PICKY ABOUT (wahhh wahhh wahhh, i know. But we all draw the line with our wants somewhere, i just want mine to be clear)

I accept conditions other than N/M, but NOT for N/M price! If your card is SP, send it as SP, if it's MP send it as MP. I'm sick of people committing "NM" cards and sending me HP bullcrap.

Please only send the versions that i have listed in my want list, some of them I have checked off multiple versions for (if you "match" a version you don't have, it's actually matching another version, you just can't see it until you click send and change the version in the drop menu). I'm particular about which expansion set each card is from because some change rarities and the rarities matter a lot for my cube organization. I will accept LP/SP cards that are listed on my wants that way (this seems like it should be self-explanatory... but, ya know... humans). Everything else should be NM please. I also only want English.
I have A LOT of Duals for trade and other high end goodies (RL foils, etc.). Looking to finish my P9 (just Ancestral Recall left to get!) and get some other vintage staples (top priorities are Time Vault and Library of Alexandria) I'll take SP, MP, and HP. I will be playing with them, so as long as it's double-sleeve-playable i'll take it. Message me and we can work it out.
I COLLECT CHAOS CONFETTI :) if you have ANY, i want them. I am not even asking for throw-ins, I will add as many to my wants list as you have! If i don't have enough on there, message me to put some more on!
______________ unimportant stuff about ME =D ______________
I've been playing since Guildpact and I'm always adding to my no-cap cube when every set comes out!

As of 10/8/19:
I have sent 1094 cards worth a total value of 1,011,823 PP (soooooo close to the 1 million club!), and I have received 6918 cards worth a total value of 966,567 PP (dang i've been trading down HARD lol).

Other countries I have successfully sent cards to:
The Netherlands
The United Kingdom
(Germany seems to be the quickest receiver... PWEs get there faster than they get to Texas... seriously, it's crazy)

Other countries I have UNsuccessfully sent cards to:
NONE so far =D
(However, I did have one envelope to Spain that took waaaaaaaaaaay longer than it should have)

Largest trade sent: [#127 highest all time trade as of 10/8/19] a NM Judge Foil Elesh Norn.
Largest trade received: [#38 highest all time trade as of 10/8/19] an MP Unlimited Time Walk.
(in fact, I have TRADED for ALL my p9 through this site, its discord channel, and through fb groups. It can be done! But you gotta have stuff to get stuff.)
My shipping method: For trades over 20k i will ship tracked like the Pucashield rules state. For the regular PWE shipments I use sleeves/toploaders as appropriate, and if it's more than 3 cards or more than 1500pp i line it with cardboard (cut-up cereal boxes usually, they work AWESOME). Also for more-than-3-card domestic shipments, i ALWAYS ship with the $0.21 upcharge for the "non-machineable" clause. This way, your mail will be sorted by hand and has no chance of getting jammed/torn/lost in a stupid machine (i have received empty torn envelopes, and i wouldn't wish that on anyone).

If you seriously read this whole thing... mad props! Message me and i'll give your wants a look :)