Over 5 MILLION Points sent

Now On Discord under the ElNate Header with the Boba Fett Avatar, look for me. I have stuff and things, and I want stuff and things. Plus some of my wants may make more sense once you understand them.

Great People I've traded with and gotten awesome cards from:
Nerdvana +20%
Peter Twieg-Bonuses!
Maffa 20%BĂ´nus

20% bonus for all non-promoted paper wants.

MTGO +50%. MTGO will have to be 2 points or greater to receive a bonus. I'm building sets, so all wants are going towards that goal. Have completed and redeemed 10 sets so far.

For promoted trades my bonus plus some is already figured in, so no stacking of bonuses for those. Additionally I may be willing to negotiate on condition. NM is preferred, but if it's promoted it's a play want and I may accept played cards at that price. Just ask.

Been playing since 93.

English preferred, but I occasionally will take foreign language versions if contacted first. Exception is anything out of Portal 3 or Legends , I will take any language.

Edition matters usually (but I may be willing to take a different edition if messaged first), cards must be of the edition requested in my wants. Played is OK with me, just make sure you accurately grade the card via site criteria.

Willing to negotiate on bounties for wants, feel free to message me with offers.

International folks: Willing to send cards overseas. Also willing to wait for them to make it to me. I tend to keep the packages to one or two ounces so I can use global forever stamps and make it easy.

Current Decks:
Legacy: Big E, Enchantress
Standard: Don't play standard, too expensive:)

Completed on Puca:
Ad Nauseam
12 Post
Death and Taxes