If I can't get all orders our within 48 hours, will close mktplace until backlog is cleared. Mktplace currently OPEN.

10/6/2021 - reopening mktplace. Reduced bulk promo to 25%

6/11/21 - Super busy these days but trying to check in and keep getting trades out. Apologies in advance if I miss a mkt order, its not you... its me -__-

Reduced promo's on high end stuff to not get sends after spikes. If you have something on my list DM me to discuss promo % you're looking for and I'll see if I can match it.

Old trader back in the mix. Mainly working on pimping out a 720 powered cube. Take a look and let me know if you have any pimp versions of cards I'm still looking for!!!!


Typically looking to pimp cube with the following versions (in order of preference)

- Old frame foils
- Borderless/Masterpieces/Promos

Msg me if want to negotiate a higher promotion on higher value cards - never hurts to ask.

If you believe I've sent you the wrong condition card, or if I send you the wrong set and/or missed one or more cards from your package - please just message me about it. I try to send out 100's of cards a week... I'm human, make mistakes. Nothing is intentional, just msg me and I'll work with you to resolve.

Lots of great trading going on in the Discord trade chat channel - check it out!

Send Internationally!!!! I do!!!!!


Give and let give :)