Hello! My name is Nathan and I'm relatively new to PucaTrade but I have a decent collection and am always willing to trade cards. All of my cards are inspected before being sent out and if it's not right, please please please PM me so I can make it right!

I'm open to receiving any printing of almost any card on my list, just let me know beforehand and I'll make sure the proper points are sent to you. :)

Current Bounties (Last updated 7/21/2016; All trades initiated on or before this date eligible for bounties that were listed before latest update)
10% - Dual lands
10% - All cards under 100 points

I collect Clones! Any set, any edition, any condition, foil or not - doesn't matter to me. If you throw in a random Clone, I'll pay 75PP regardless of condition. I'll pay 150PP for foils. :)

I have sent 71 cards with a total value of 40,666 PucaPoints and I have received 75 cards from other members with a total value of 38,540 PucaPoints. (As of 5/3/2016)