Find me on Discord (MWK) to work out some reciprocal trades! I have lots of cool stuff for the right cards

Notable cards I'm willing to trade for the right goodies:
-Jace, the mind sculptor
-Ancestral Vision
-Premium Deck Series Slivers
-Jace, Vryn's Prodigy
-Grim Flayer (Foil PR x 4, Korean Foil x1)
-Demonic Tutor
-Sliver Queen
-Lots more modern staples

Willing to pay a 10% bonus and/or do custom alter for anyone that sends me any single card on my want list for more than 1,500 points or total trade over 2,500 points. If interested in an alter just shoot me a message and we can work something out. Always happy to trade alter work for cards or points. I have plenty of photos of work I've done.

Interested in heavily played and even some damaged format staples for alteration use. On the same note I'll make offers on collectors edition and worlds cards for altering. If you have something shoot me a message and we can work out a deal!

Look forward to trading!