I've been on PucaTrade for a while and have hundreds of completed trades without incident. PucaTrade rocks!

I'll pay full value for SP dual lands on my list; just message me a scan first please.

My favorite artists on Magic are Melissa Benson and Chris Rush, as well as most every card from The Dark if your looking for throw ins :)

I have been playing since unlimited and am primarily a collector and limited player, and I enjoy Cube in all its glorious forms.

Please message pictures of all NON STANDARDcards / non EM cards 5000+ points and higher before sending. I am not looking for signed cards at this time, thanks.

I need x1 of the following cards to compete my childhood dream cube:

-Foil polluted delta (org)
-Foil Jace TMS (ok with FTV)
-Time Vault

I have a complete mint in the box (opened) full set of Innistrad INS I would like to trade. Message me if interested.

6/28/16 You have sent 782 cards with a total value of 292,030 PucaPoints and you have received 223 cards from other members with a total value of 296,819 PucaPoints.