If you are buying cards please take note that outside of Canada the minimum is set 2000 points due to extra shipping costs. Thank you for understanding.

Always looking for Blade of the Sixth Pride in any condition to increase my collection. 300+.
If you send me one please sign it.
Will accept SP to MP Duals at full price when on my list.
If it is from another set please ask before sending. Some cards are strickly for collecting purposes, others for play. Always looking for new cards and always looking forward to sending cards .

Save on shipping look through these puca traders as well. We see each other as we are we are from the same gamers shop...just let them know that you are sending the cards through Joel

704 COMPLETED trades for 1,006,843

Most expensive card sent Force of Negation foil at 38 388pts

Biggest reception Taiga and Badlands revised...