Hey! I'm Bosny. A lot of my wants only say Nm but I will often take Sp as nm (justask first) or at least change my listing to include other conditions, sometimes even HP!

If you have unmarked Canadian stamps, I'd love it if you sent them my way :)

I joined Puca to turn some of my bulk into decent cards in the hopes of filling my trade binder with cards worth a buck or more. Since then my collection has grown sizeably and my binder is stacked! These days I'm still sending bulk and I send cards out as soon as my binder gets full. I love to see my trade binder turn into people's decks!

I play EDH almost exclusively - Barrin, Patron of the Moon, Kambal, Zedruu and sometimes Marwyn. Trading has become my favorite part of MTG, though.

I send lots of bulk. Sometimes packages take time to arrive, I forget a card or the edition/condition is off. Please feel free to DM me.

Currently in the top 26 all-time traders in quantity.

I have been matching all my basic lands in my decks with plains 233 from shards of alara, swamp 256 from kaladesh, island 236 from shards of alara, forest 248 from shards of alara and mountain 344 from odyssey. I am always happy to receive some.

Thanks for reading!