Hello, I am excited to get a chance to trade with you!

I've now finished 4 Commander decks, 4 tier 1 modern lists (latest being Mardu Pyro), and a 360 card cube with all cards from PucaTrade. Thanks!

If you want to work out a reciprocal trade or want a promotion, message me here on PucaTrade or on Discord, and we can figure something out.

FYI: For most cards on my want list, I will accept most versions of it. Unfortunately, when you mouse over the card on my list, it will look as though I only want it from one edition. This is not the case. I will usually want a card from any of its editions. If you hit send, you can see the editions of that card that I accept.

Please send all Candlelight Vigils!

You can find me on Discord in #trades-paper @Jalex ID 126175.

Thanks for reading,