Hi Thanks for reading this !

Please dont sent me cards that have suddenly SPIKED ! Bartel Runeaxe - Im looking at you :)

If you send to me I always check your wants and send right back !

I have A lot of great promos as I promo everything I need for my sets.
If I have not promoted something that is on my list - message me - I may send you points up front to send to me.

If you are going to fill my promos Please do not send me MANGLED SHIT and try to pass it off as a NM card. I know YOU would never do this - but once ... I heard about a guy who was doing it... so lets just be nice :)

You dont have to use toploaders or tape in sending me any cards unless they are worth over 5 $ each. Packed in a sleeve is fine. Cards are STRONG. I hate toploaders and I really hate tape !!!

We arent building bunkers, or roman forts here. We are just sending cardboard thorough a relatively advanced societies postal system.

JOIN https://discord.gg/dk7vkp IF YOU REALLY WANT TO GET TRADES GOING - ESPECIALLY AS A NON-US TRADER! Lets #makepucagreatagain

Cards I want are set specific - so please ensure you send me the beta or Unlimited version of the card and not the 5th edition version ( Its happened lol )

Im trying to complete sets of pretty much everything. Please help me achieve my dream of building a giant cube composed of one of each card from all these old sets :)

I have written a number of AMAZING articles for pucatrade here is the link for mind blowing literary genius. https://pucatrade.com/articles/author/125915

COLLECTING BOOKS OF RAS ! Happy to have them as throw ins but Im also promoting them :) DARK only.