I will buy them! Prices listed below. New card frame (M15 onwards) and NM/M only, please. Message me before sending just so we're on the same page!
- English, non-full art: 50pp
- Foreign, non-full art: 100pp
- BFZ/AKH English full art: 450pp or listed price, whichever is higher
- BFZ/AKH foreign full art: 550pp or 1.5*listed price, whichever is higher
- Other full arts: Message me first, since they may be out of my price range.

If you send me stuff, I'll look at your profile and see if I have something I can send you in return! Obviously, I can't guarantee I'll have anything on your list, but anything I do have is yours, even if it's not worth the stamp! (Does not apply to MTGO. All I have are unplayable commons that I send off as soon as anyone wants them, so I can't really reciprocate there.)

Sent (Paper): 2243 cards with a total value of 198,013 PucaPoints
Received (Paper): 874 cards with a total value of 196,744 PucaPoints
Sent (MTGO): 235 cards with a total value of 8,986 PucaPoints
Received (MTGO): 1224 cards with a total value of 23,553 PucaPoints

- Vorosh, the Hunter aka "Bigger Game Hunter"
- Purphoros, God of the Forge aka "You will not enjoy this, but it will be over quickly"
- Krond, the Dawn-Clad aka "Yo Dawg, I heard you like enchantments so I put enchantment creatures in your enchantment deck so you can enchant your enchantments." (99% foiled out, largely thanks to PucaTrade!)
- Marchesa, the Black Rose aka "No blocks." (Making all the lands foreign)
- Narset, Enlightened Master aka "There's a Storm a-brewin'!"
- Kruphix, God of Horizons aka "Mo' Mana, Mo' Problems"
- Gahiji, Honored One aka "Career Politician"
- Prossh, Skyraider of Kher aka "The Token Minority"
- Roon of the Hidden Realm aka "Fill My Cup, Put Some Fliquor In It"
- Lazav, Dimir Mastermind aka "Mr Steal Yo Deck"