Offering a 15% bonus on all Kaladesh Inventions :).

I'm looking to move an MP Bazaar of Baghdad. Send me a DM if you're interested and have any of my high value wants (MP or better).

I'm offering a 10% bonus for anything over (or close to) 7000 points and 5% for anything over 3000 points, just please contact me before hand if the card you want to send is less than NM.

I'm typically pretty picky about languages and card sets but feel free to ask about sending different versions.

I will always make contact before sending a card that I believe is less than NM - please do the same! Chances are good I'll be fine with receiving your but I'd prefer to get a message before the card is sent (feel free to commit to the trade though, we can always cancel if we can't work something out). Similarly, if you are unhappy with a card I send for any reason please don't hesitate to contact me or open a case.

- - -

You have sent 318 cards with a total value of 273,699 PucaPoints and you have received 327 cards from other members with a total value of 256,529 PucaPoints.