First started playing towards the end of Odessy block and continued till just before Lorwyn's release. Took a long break and then came back just in time for M14 prerelease.

Currently play Standard (but not a lot), Modern, and EDH/Commander.

For my non-foil wants I am fine with any set and SP condition isn't an issue. Foils please keep to NM and specified set unless you message me first so we can discuss. English cards preferred, but if you have a different language message me and we can maybe work things out.

I collect foil/promo dragons of all varieties as well as SCG tokens and pins. If you have any of these message me and lets work something out!

I am now offering a 15% bonus on ALL paper wants!! I will try to get them to you the day I complete the trade, but if I miss you please just send me a message and i will get the points to you ASAP.