If you send me cards, I will try my very best to send you something of approximate value in return. Message me if you want to reciprocal trade, I'd love to work something out for your valuable cards.

I am interested in lots of stuff that isn't on my wants list. I like just about any foil lands, especially classic frame lands. I'm also interested in old frame cards in general, especially if they were ever playable in any format. I'll also take beat up cards if they're sufficiently old and/or valuable. There's something about heavily played Alpha and Beta commons, or a beat up fetch land that is appealing to me.

Let me know and we can work something out.

I'm always willing to bargain! Looking for a **bonus**? Have a different version of a listed card? Have a foil instead of a non-foil? Prerelease stamped? Want to do a regular card trade? Or do you have the "soul-read" on me and have a card that I haven't listed that you think I'd be interested in? Please message me!