7/12/20: Out of the heaviest part of the lockdown now, packages still on their way to me.

19/10/2020: Still in lockdown. Please don't contact me, asking whether I have your package yet. When you get your points is when I've got my cards.

My state is currently in soft-lockdown, so that'll probably slow packages from overseas down further. No need to contact me to ask whether I've received a package. It should get to me eventually.

27/6 update: not much the last two weeks, only a couple of old packages arrived.
12/6 update: this week has been shite, got a delivery one day out of the entire week, and only two packages arrived.
8/6 update: public holiday today, no mail.
5/6 update: three arrived today, not a bad week.
4/6 update: one more arrived today.
3/6 update: three more today.
2/6 update: two packages today,
1/6 update: about a dozen things today, inculding some old stuff.
29/5 update: couple things today.
28/5 update: four today, including on given up for lost.
27/5 update: zero today...
26/5 update: three arrivals today
25/5 update: two arrivals today.
22/5 update: one more today.
21/5 update: four packages today.
20/5 update: two today.
19/5 update: empty letterbox...
18/5 update: three packages today, and old ones too.
15/5 update: 4 things today! Including one that had been given up for lost.
14/5 update: 2 arrivals today.
13/5 update: empty letterbox.
12/5: update: wow, nothing AGAIN.
11/5 update: I'm beginning to think the postie isn't even delivering on Monday's anymore...
8/5 update: nothing today.
7/5 update: two things arrived today, yippie!
6/5 update: again, one arrival, the trickle continues.
5/5 update: sweet, one arrival, in transit for more than a month. Let's hope for more tomorrow.
4/5 update: bad start to the week, nothing.
1/5 update: an empty letterbox is an ugly thing.
30/4 update: an empty letterbox...
29/4 update: nothing again.
28/4 update: nothing...
27/4 update: 1 package received today, 5 weeks in transit.

COVID-19, hey, what a kick in the teeth for trading. Haven't received any international trade in more than a week now.

The minute I receive a package, I'm marking it as received. If I haven't marked it as such, it hasn't reached me yet. No need to message me.

I've had a few things take five-six weeks to arrive recently, please write 'Air Mail' somewhere on the envelope so the idiots at the postal carriers know it's the 21st century.