Willing to discuss bonuses/promotions for other cards, as well as reciprocal trades. Message me here or on Discord!

If the card you want to send me is in a different language or condition than what I have listed, please message me first.

Working on 3 decks at the moment -
U/G Infect - Modern
Cheeri0s - Legacy
Sliver EDH

I collect Crumble to Dust from Battle for Zendikar, if you are looking for a throw in!

"You have sent 3074 cards with a total value of 902,339 PucaPoints and you have received 1931 cards from other members with a total value of 898,302 PucaPoints."

Biggest Send - MINT Foil MM2015 Tarmogoyf (pulled at GPLV, no less!)
Biggest Receive - LP Revised Bayou (Thanks, GOVEGANPLEASE!)

I also have many, MANY signed cards from Mark Poole, Mark Tedin, Christopher Rush, and so on. If you are looking for a signed Uncommon or Common by one of these Artists, chances are I have one.