A famous commercial went like: "Once you pop, you can't stop." Well, I think the same is true about this wonderful, crazy game that's catching up with me since I started back in the distant 1995. I just love languages, so foreign cards are absolutely welcome.

IMPORTANT I: Please make sure to just send via "Air Mail/Regular Mail/ Simple Mail/Registered Mail/Postcard/Hand Delivery/Carrier Pigeon", whichever you like, provided you don't put the value on the package or at least don't exceed 15 $ in the declaration (I already had to pay for custom clearance twice, and I can assure you I wouldn't like to repeat the experience again. )

IMPORTANT II - UPDATE: I had to pay for custom clearance once again; next time, if I get a package which does not fulfill my "IMPORTANT I part" requirements, I will send it back to you at your expense thus not completing the trade.

NM cards only, please, unless you shoot me a message in advance so we can discuss some fair points adjustment.

Please, and I say PLEASE, do not send cards over 5,000 points using an untracked shipping method; I've lost more than one of these; it is not fun. Here's what PucaTrade states in this regard:

"Packages worth more than 5,000 PucaPoints must be sent with Mail Tracking in order to be eligible for our 100% Trade Guarantee."

Thanks for reading and happy Puca everyone! ;)