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Changing Your Account Status

You can upgrade, downgrade, and manage your subscription from your Account Settings.

Click “Change Plan” to choose your desired level of subscription. When upgrading to Rare from Uncommon or downgrading from Rare to Uncommon, we'll pro-rate your payment to credit you back for unused time.

Downgrading From Rare Downgrading from Uncommon

When you cancel your subscription (or downgrade to Common) you will keep your premium membership status until the anniversary of your original date of enrollment.  

Note: we do not offer pro-rated refunds for members that downgrade their subscription to the Common (free) tier.

Downgrading To Common via PayPal 

You can manage your active PayPal subscription on PayPal’s Recurring Payments Dashboard. To cancel your premium subscription, delete future payments to PucaTrade, Inc. Your account will then be downgraded on the anniversary of enrollment.

NOTE: If you do not cancel future payments from PayPal's Recurring Payments Dashboard, a payment will be made on the anniversary of your enrollment. 

Pro-Rating via PayPal

PayPal does not support pro-rating for automatic recurring payments. If you change your account status from Uncommon to Rare (or Rare to Uncommon) and you’d like to be refunded for unused time, please email us and we’ll manually refund you for the unused time (on a per-diem basis).

Pro-Rating via Stripe (credit card)

If your preferred payment method is through Stripe (not PayPal), you’ll be automatically refunded for unused time when you upgrade from Uncommon to Rare (or downgrade from Rare to Uncommon). The refund will either occur within 30 days of your new subscription enrollment.  


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